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Creative Memories!


  1. Evening of Memories

  2. Golden Violin

  3. Hear my Prayer

  4. The Black Diamond

  5. Lonely Seashore (English)

  6. Queen Shabbat

  7. Small Land

  8. Homeland

  9. Wilderness

  10. Not too Late

  11. Saying Goodbye (English)

  12. Leha Dodi



                     Miri Mor                    Avner Zadock                  Richard Peritz

Just for a moment of nostalgia, we uploaded a newer restored version of this album's songs, performed by Mir Mor, Cantor Avner Zadok and me. Avner wrote five of these songs and I wrote the rest, along with the orchestral and vocal arrangements.  One of the happiest most fulfilling and creative years of my life was doing this and I thank my friends Miri, Gideon Saar and Avner for working with me on this and for their essential part.  Also, special thanks to Gedi Livneh and Moshe Timor.

We recorded this album at Kolinor Studios in Tel-Aviv and some of the musicians accompanying these songs were moonlighting from Israelís Philharmonic Orchestra.  After a year of work composing it all, it was a very fulfilling experience to hear the songs come alive in the studio upon mixing the tracks to complete the album and then excitedly following the songs as some of them climbed up in Israelís Hit Parade.  In fact Evening of Memories was no. 3 for several weeks.

We were proud, especially because unlike so many songs out there, ours have real messages with lyrics that represent sincere meaning and values.  We believe that songs and all art should mean something and inspire the public.

At the time, Avner was working as an engineer for Israeli Communications and Mir was also.  Prior to this, Avner was an IDF tank company commander, until being wounded in battle, defending the State of Israel in the Yom Kippur war.  I was employed by Israelís Ministry of Education, working for the ITC educational TV station.  A job I had for ten years, before moving the USA to produce the Shalom Show on TV 

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Also, here is a link to a TV variety show I wrote, produced and directed and proposed back then for Israel TV.  All the famous artists and everyone volunteered:  

Here is a grainy old back and white copy:

Kibbutz Variety show 1976 - "Halav im Iruach" 



"Yom Din - Judgment Day" - 1973

"Tamid - Always" Words by Avraham Ben-Zeev music and arrangement by Richard


"Eli Chai" - Ricky Manor, Dudu Elharar and Richard Peritz


Also nostalgic was hearing from an old friend after 43 years!  Please click on this link to see our song tribute to Yoni Netanyahu!




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