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Belatedly I've been wondering about why and how I seem to be constantly energetically driven to create and achieve things. Perhaps it's because being productive, making good things happen, being creative, inventive, solving problems, contributing positively to the world around me in general and last but not least, providing for my loved ones, is all meaningful, exhilarating and fulfilling.

Related to this is the fact that I often find myself devoting perhaps excessive effort and time on details. For example editing tiny details until 2 am, as if everything was as important as the work of a renaissance painter straining himself for weeks while painting a ceiling mural.

I tend to be intensely motivated throughout my life, regardless of whether it is composing songs orchestra scores, painting, writing, designing websites, designing and building four homes, inventing things, producing and editing my TV interviews and videos, or planting a tree and so much more. Perhaps this enthusiasm and determination is also partly a creatively aggressive expression, to try and be a good example and make a positive difference.

One of my difficulties is I'm like a chef in a large kitchen, running from one pot to another, stirring and keeping each project in motion, but it's not easy to simultaneously do many things at once, which is why I work too many hours, while hoping that planting the seeds of promising projects, will enable and lead them to grow and develop with less effort on my part.

Priorities do cause one to have to focus on some and this causes some delays in others.

My Current Projects Include:

  1. The Shalom Show on TV  Keeping this brand alive and well, now on the air nationwide since 1979, enables us to interview interesting VIPs and create productive relationships.

  2. Edutech Foundation  Is dedicated to a universal unassailable cause promoting education, progress and solutions.  An important initiative with enormous potential.

  3. www.LETV.website  is where one can see a lot of work done for Life Extension, for whom we're working on some high-end PR initiatives with Oxford University and NSU

  4. Working on aerospace and other educational projects with SpaceTEC.

  5. Good Signs is a great project with great potential that is gaining more interest as it should.

  6. http://www.disputereport.com  is another with great potential.

  7. and...



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