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Comments about "Quotes and Commentaries" book


"Dr. Fischler tells us that teachers, parents and administrators will have new roles,  and students will be more responsible for their education in 21st century.  It's not about better and more memorization.  It is clear that students will need to work more flexibly than they have in the past."

Ugur Demiray, Editor, Turkish Online Journal for Distance Education (TOJDE), Anadolu University, Eskisehir, Turkey. Anadolu University  is the largest distance education university in Turkey with 1.5 million students

El Dr. Fischler utiliza un enorme cúmulo de experiencias y conocimientos para poner al descubierto problemas coyunturales en la educación contemporánea norteamericana. Siendo un pionero de las reformas educacionales de su país, El Dr. Fischler nos conduce, con breves pero muy sólidas palabras, por las categorías del tiempo para el  aprendizaje y su relatividad en la enseñanza, el modelo correcto para impartir contenido y el rol de la tecnología en ello, y la necesidad de involucrar todos los factores decisores en el tema de la enseñanza.

Una inteligente selección de citas educacionales guía al lector hacia los aspectos esenciales de debate que propone el libro. Sin duda alguna, la lectura resulta amena e impactante. Un libro que necesita ser leído. -- Mario Llorente

Dr. Fischler makes use of his enormous wealth of knowledge and experiences to focus our attention on the key problems of education in the United States today. Being a pioneer of educational reforms, Dr. Fischler takes us on a short but solid reading which focus on three main aspects: the time factor in learning,  the correct methods for delivering instruction, the role of technology, and the need to bring all the main actors together into his vision of the teaching-learning process.

A very intelligent selection of educational quotes guides us through the main aspects in question. This is a necessary reading for teachers and families. The reading is entertaining and encouraging. A must read!  -- Mario Llorente,  mariopatriot@yahoo.com  

"It's about time we wake up and realize the severity of the educational crisis we find ourselves in. The disconnect between the people determining educational policy and the people asked to be the practitioners of that policy is a mile wide and a mile deep. Dr. Fischler has managed to distill fifty years of educational research into a manifesto that should be taught to the policy makers and shared with teachers and parents everywhere."

Dennis Yuzenas, high school teacher, Oxbridge Academy, West Palm Beach, FL WhatDoYaKnow.com

Marshall McLuhan made an impact in the '60s when he said "The medium is the message."  It's time society realized that this also applies to education.  Everyone in the 21st century needs to use technology to survive.  And work in today's society is more individualistic and entrepreneurial.  Education has to keep up with its methods of teaching, not just content.  Project-based curriculum is critical to the skills today's students will need to both contribute and survive in their environment.  The time has come for everyone (not just teachers and students) to read Dr. Fischler's book - students learn from both the medium used (computers) and methods (project-based).

J. Kayman, journalist, Ft. Lauderdale FL

While a student at Nova University in the 1980s, I heard a professor say that there is a certain amount of social responsibility that we all take on because of our relationship to the community.  That has always stuck with me.  This is the power of a single quotation when presented with commentary and passion.   I have repeated the quotation hundreds of times to students that I counsel.  I believe Dr. Fischler's commentaries will have the same widespread impact.

Maria Espinosa, guidance counselor, Miami-Dade County Schools, mae33012@gmail.com  

"Over the last decades, the world has become increasingly interconnected. Many aspects of daily life have changed profoundly. Unfortunately, our school system has not. We must adapt our teaching methods to the needs of today's students. The student is the class. This is what Dr. Fischler's book is all about."

Christian Braun, English language teacher, Germany  Christian612@web.de 

Dr. Fischler is qualified by experience.  The wisdom and concepts in this book, based on his experience, represent the only way to produce the flexible education system required to prepare every student for life in the 21st century.  We, in education, owe it to the next generation to create the mindset shift that will bring about these reforms...”

Will Sutherland, director, QBEAcademy.net, England  QualifiedByExperience.com


 Thought-provoking.  Needed -- and needed yesterday.  How can we best prepare students for a future that will surely be filled with technologies (and troubles) which we cannot even imagine today?  Dr. Fischler looks this question in the face and answers with brutal honesty: we need to start from scratch. Traditional educational models aren't working in this new age, and a major change needs to take place if we hope to ensure our children will be prepared for the future they are sure to inherit. This new foundation for education will lead to a better tomorrow for tomorrow's adults.  A must-read for anyone with children or grandchildren.      

Leslie Lott McAlpin, Lott English Academy, Pompano Beach, Fla.   


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Rohit develops software applications in Budapest, Hungary.


Advice from a master.  These techniques can be adapted to classrooms now. I use them everyday.  

Matt Blazek, developer of the Blazek CD for Projects and Discussions 




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