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This is what you could do next:




Edutech’s role


1.  Portal to the world (translations of pieces of Fischler and Clark for many languages)

We put important information in other languages to open the door.

Edutech links you to the world.


2.  Look at our beliefs.   Start looking at your assumptions now.   We have free videos to help you begin your exploration.  

Our free “Prior Information Quiz” PIQ lets YOU find out what you know about important parts of the transformation.  Let’s start your journey from where you are right now.

Edutech looks at our own unexamined beliefs.  It’s a process.  Help us find our blind spots.


3.   Join us in the transformation of education.   We are the change that we have been waiting for.

Edutech is part of the transformation.


4.  Invite us into your classroom

We offer visits by our experts  Mario, Cindy and Steve:  invite us into your classroom with your video camera.

Edutech gives creative, supportive, constructive feedback.




















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