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List of Educational Pioneers

We have included quotes from over two dozen educational pioneers, some who are not household names. To give the lay reader an easy reference to these experts, we begin with a short list of their accomplishments.

Ernest Boyer (1928-1995), president of Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching.

Thomas Friedman, columnist for the New York Times, author of The World is Flat (2005). His call for better teaching has inspired teachers to rethink how they present information to students.

Alison Gopnik, clinical psychologist at UC Berkeley.

Lou Holtz (1937-), motivational speaker and retired football coach .

Ellen Langer, professor of psychology.

Dennis Littky, author of The Big Picture: Education is Everybody’s Business. His school, the Met Center in Providence, R.I., has spawned a chain of 25 schools in the USA.

Tom Magliozzi, one of the Car Talk guys on National Public Radio, author of In Our Humble Opinion: Car Talk's Click and Clack Rant and Rave (2000).

Jamie McKenzie, Seattle, Wash. His article in The WIRED Classroom provides a list of descriptors of the role of a teacher who is a “guide on the side” while students are conducting their investigations. His websitefno.org (“from now on”) is recommended for teachers who want to teach better starting today.

Daniel Pink, author of A Whole New Mind and Free Agent Nation, has several memorable lectures on YouTube (search “Drive Daniel Pink Motivation”).

Ken Robinson, author of The Element, has over 400,000 hits on his lecture describing how “schools remove creativity.”

Robert Sternberg (1949-), psychologist.

Mark Twain (1835-1910), author and humorist.

Tom vander Ark, “edu-preneur,” blog commentator at EdReformer.com, former head of the charity that distributed over $800 million to education.

W. B. Yeats (1865-1939) poet.



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