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Hillary Howery, M.S.

Contributed in the selection of quotations and in compiling, graphics and layout for the book.  She is a graduate student of Psychology at Nova Southeastern University.


Steve McCrea, 

Is an advocate of using video in the classroom. His channel on YouTube (visualandactive) documents ways that teachers can support integrated lesson plans with technology. He leads the team of teachers that developed the blended curriculum for QBE schools (Dartmouth, England), harnessing the cultures of Aiglon College (Villars), the Met Center (Providence, R.I.) and Maverick Schools (Miami, Fla.): character development (planned hardships, delayed gratification), mentors, and computer-based instruction (based on the work of Dr. Abraham Fischler).  He is founder of www.BuildingInternationalBridges.org, a charity to promote wider use of social networks and computer-based discussions in classrooms. He is a part-time instructor at a charter school and at Broward College in Fort Lauderdale.   He is currently pursuing a Ed.D. in Instructional Technology and Distance Education from Nova Southeastern University. He is "alternatively certified" in social studies, math, ESOL and English (Language and Literature 6-12) and holds a temporary certificate for teaching math and English for Speakers of Other Languages in Florida.   He maintains training materials at www.Youtube.com/VisualandActive and www.Youtube.com/AGuideOntheSide  and on a website (www.GuideOnTheSide.com).  


Cynthia Ann Burfield,  

Contributes to this website, Transforming Education, and is a doctoral candidate at Nova Southeastern University and a teacher of the Broward County public school system.  She is also the CEO of EDUTECH FOUNDATION, Inc., a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation dedicated to educational reform.  


About Edutech Foundation

Edutech encourages the use of systems, environments, tools, products, and strategies that can enhance human learning and competence.  Our goals include the following:

Prepare prospective educational practitioners, researchers, and leaders to use theories of learning, communication, behavior, and organization in concert with technologies to make tangible contributions valued by our campus, our community, and our field.

Understand diverse approaches for developing, representing, managing, and disseminating human knowledge.
Collaborate with schools, corporations, agencies, and community-based organizations to design, develop, use, and evaluate learning and information systems.

Appraise emerging technologies and experiment with promising innovations that might lead to significant improvements in teaching and learning.

Research, develop, and evaluate principles and methods for using technology to benefit and empower individuals and organizations.

Serve as a model for appropriate and innovative ways to use technology to support cost-effective, high quality educational activities and programs.

Maintain a climate of collaboration that respects diverse experiences and backgrounds while providing good opportunities for personal and professional growth.

"Our mission is to enhance and support excellence in education, discovery, instructional technologies, in a collaborative environment, developing innovative and interactive multimedia and traditional educational technologies and resources"


Cynthia A. Burfield, Ms.




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