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Transforming Education is dedicated to promoting the vision and ideas of Dr. Abraham S. Fischler with a view to implementing the essential change needed in K-12 education.  No longer can we afford to lose more than 30% of our high school students to the dropout pool. No longer can we tolerate the outdated agrarian industrial model. No longer can we tinker around the edges, substituting book A for book B or modifying a time dimension within a few courses. No longer can we afford to leave the structure and organization of K-12 education the same. This is the moment - this is the time for real change in the public schools of this country.

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We have the knowledge, the tools and the necessary technology to create a positive learning environment for the 21st century. We can focus on the student as the class and offer individualized instruction based on students' different learning styles. We can vary time so that those who need more time to master a concept have the opportunity to do so.

Rather than punish the student who learns more slowly than the arbitrarily chosen period, we must treat each student as the class.  - Dr. Abe Fischler

The organization and structure of our current K-12 system must be changed to accommodate all learners.






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