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RCP Productions, Inc. follows a standardized video production process to ensure the timely, on-budget delivery of high-quality solutions that meet our clients' needs.


Step 1 - Brainstorming
Conference call is held between client and the RCP Productions, Inc. team to discuss video concepts, script ideas, visuals, design elements and scope of project.

Step 2 - Script Development
RCP Productions, Inc. professional scriptwriters will either create the script or will review a client-produced script depending on the service selected. Each draft of the script is sent by email for review and feedback.

Step 3 - Script Approval
After the agreed number of revisions, client approves final script.

Step 4 - Field Production
Field production is scheduled at client's office or other pre-determined location. All images are shot according to the pre-approved script.

Step 5 - Post Production
Video is edited according to pre-approved script. Pre-approved graphics, music and narration are added. Client reviews rough cut and additional cuts as applicable before the video is complete.

Step 6 - Media Delivery
Client video is integrated into the selected delivery solution(s).




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