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Dr. Chris Dede

Harvard University

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Dr. Al Koller


SpaceTEC Microgravity Research

           User-Friendly Interactive Multimedia Manuals          

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SpaceTEC - Aerospace

Dr. Abe Fischler - Elementary Science

FIBERworks - replacing the bulb

FIBERworks - cutting the fibers

Advantage Medical

Interactive Multimedia Instructional Technology
in Educational and vocational Training for Schools
Government Business and Customer-Support Departments
  • Why is our online and/or DVD Multimedia Interactive Online Manual an excellent solution for your company or school?  Because it is effective and more efficient and saves time and money.

  • One of the biggest problems most companies face is with customer inability to install or maintain their products correctly.  This causes customer dissatisfaction and impatience and costs the company a significant amount in Customer Service and Support expenses, in addition to printed manuals, training videos and mailing expenses.  Most of which take time, while the customer is left waiting.

  • The INTERACTIVE MULTIMEDIA ONLINE MANUAL vastly improves your Customer Service efficiency and thereby also enhances; your company image, by enabling customers and installers to immediately solve their problems, without having to wait for costly assistance on the phone with your personnel.

  • Our online and/or on DVD INTERACTIVE MULTIMEDIA ONLINE MANUAL saves you money by reducing the likelihood of product damage and returns, by avoiding installation and use errors made by customers or installers.

  • With the INTERACTIVE MULTIMEDIA ONLINE MANUAL any installer or customer can immediately and easily see and hear exactly what they're looking for to solve their problem, whereas printed manuals, CDs and DVDs provided to the end user can often be lost or misplaced.

  • Over the past several years publishers of educational and technical manuals have been moving away from the traditional concept of these publications as paper-based books. Many companies are now delivering their technical data via Interactive Electronic Technical Manuals (IETMs) or Interactive Electronic Technical Publications (IETPs).

  • Our ONLINE MULTIMEDIA MANUAL can be updated instantly online. Whereas a new printed manual, CD or DVD may need to be updated, produced, duplicated and mailed out.  Adding time, duplication and mailing costs.

  • Our ONLINE MULTIMEDIA MANUAL can be updated for new products, much more quickly and for much less and will prove to be an excellent resource for your company.

  • The INTERACTIVE MULTIMEDIA ONLINE MANUAL is accessible worldwide, at no cost to you.

  • The INTERACTIVE MULTIMEDIA ONLINE MANUAL also reduces in-house training costs for your personnel.

  • The bottom line is: Our convenient turn-key solutions will significantly improve customer satisfaction with your company and your products, while significantly reducing your costs.

  • When your customers are more satisfied with your company because it is easier for them to resolve problems and get things done, you will be ahead of your competition.


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