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Legal Video Depositions and Services


Our Legal Video Specialists understand the impact that video continues to have on the legal field. With the expertise of our videographers, we offer the following services:

Videotape depositions:
Video captures the moment - not just the words, but the inflections, demeanor, and emotions of the witness. Video can have a powerful impact on your jury.

Videotape Conversion:
Because trial is no time to deal with putting videotapes in VCR machines. We transfer your video deposition to CD-ROM or DVD.

Video/text synchronization to CD or DVD:
So the search and retrieval time associated with traditional video deposition transcript is eliminated. Search the transcript to locate pertinent testimony, and the video plays in sync with the scrolling text. Simply highlight the desired text and click on a button to automatically add the selection to your presentation database. Multiple clips may also easily be linked for playback during trial presentation.

  •  Broadcast-quality cameras & audio for a "TV-news quality" look and sound

  •  Powerful video settlement brochures and mediation presentations

  •  Deposition rates among the lowest available!  

  •  Video editing & tape duplication

  •   Friendly certified reporters assigned upon request

  •  Scene re-enactments, product and industrial inspections / demonstrations

  •  Over 30-years of "day in the life" video expertise!

  •  Specialized civil evidence (still) photography

  •  Video converted to for your own PowerPoint or other presentations

  •  Digital audio recording enhancement

  •  X-ray duplication & print enlargements

  •  Photographs extracted and printed from video

  •  Expert consulting and testimony (when required)

  •  Videographer referrals for other major cities 

For scheduling or additional information please contact us at: (954) 752-7555

Dependable and professional services you can rely on!


LEGAL VIDEO : As a necessary tool for attorney's support, the attorney's service of legal videotaping is an area of expertise requiring professional skills and experience in video evidence services.

Legal media services as well as all legal video services, including video deposition services, (that is the attorney service of legal videotape as a whole) is not a profession for anyone looking to simply "make big money with a camcorder". Although most legal video companies providing evidence video (also called evidence videotaping or videotape evidence) including strictly video deposition companies, tend to use industrial or consumer camcorders for videotape services, for case preparation, it is more advisable to use a professional video service, particularly a professional legal video service (or video deposition company) that provides higher quality video, even for video deposition service.

RCP Productions, Legal Video, is known for high quality in videotaping depositions, not only for production of legal video depositions, but for civil evidence photography, day-in-the-life documentaries, videotape editing of depositions and other video editing, as well as all tort and litigation video tape exhibits.

DAY IN THE LIFE : With proper experience in production and videotape editing, the Day in the Life documentary can be a tool of the highest impact possible for the plaintiff's damage case. Video editing is crucial in all litigation video services, particularly in a day in the life and settlement brochures (or a settlement brochure) or mediation video, aka mediation tapes, mediation presentations, and mediation brochures (or a mediation brochure. Each day in the life video and settlement video is taken with a broadcast quality camera, and edited to the tape format of courtroom presentation preference.

All legal videotape services are highly specialized. We believe that for video documentation services in your cases, a broadcast camera should be used for professional quality in the courtroom.

Videotaped depositions and other demonstrative evidence visuals include still photographic evidence, settlement documentaries and mediation presentations. Settlement video brochures including the video settlement brochure are highly powerful tools for which RCP Productions, Inc. provides both the video production and video post production. All settlement videos are produced with a broadcast quality camera.

For every videotape deposition and other video litigation services, our deposition videographers all use broadcast type TV cameras for all video depositions and other forensic taping, such as accident reconstruction and scene reenactments.

We take pride in producing the highest quality videotaped depositions.

Legal photography including all civil evidence still photography and video deposition rates are well below commercial photographers and typical video deposition companies.

Litigation support in the form of video settlement brochures, Day in the Life videos and mediation presentations are among our expertise, as well as specialized night photographic scene reproduction. Night photos are normally produced in black and white for proper re-creation of lighting.

The reason for broadcast quality cameras is to represent what influences the jury collectively, as well as each individual juror by providing video quality they are used to seeing and being influenced by, when viewing TV at home.



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